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The Latest Chronic Back, Neck and Pinched Nerve Pain Solutions

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These unique methods have made it possible for Chronic Back Pain sufferers to avoid surgery and the use of excessive amount of medications.

Topics Covered At This Seminar:

How regenerative procedures interact with injured muscles, ligaments, and joints.

How the newest Back Pain Technology offers a safe, natural alternative to steroid injections or surgery.

How to get out of back pain and avoid surgery or downtime.

How The Newest Technology helps discs heal and function properly

The Newest Non-Invasive Back Pain Relief Solution

NDS - No Disc Surgery Can Treat:

Disc Bulges

Disc Herniation


Numbness, Pain in Arm & Legs

Neck & Lower Back Pain

Degenerative Disc Disease

Facet Joint Syndrome

Pain After Failed Back Surgery

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"Back Pain gone after 22 years; I have tried surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic, pain management and this treatment was the only thing that worked."


"I thought my life was going to be over until I did this treatment. I really changed my life, and now I can walk again, feel my feet and live life again. I tried everything and was depressed about my pain after I was forced to retire early from being a sheriff. Now after using the 4 step system for pain relief, I am able to enjoy life again."

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NOTE: Event follows all local health guideline recommendations

FREE for you and a Guest!


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