Learn About Your Chiropractic Lifestyle Opportunity in Palm Springs -Great pay, Great Hours, Great location

If you want to work in an office with great pay and great staff this position is for you. We’re a busy cash practice with all the latest pieces of technology. Our team is extremely efficient, and we don’t require you to wear multiple hats or become a salesperson either.

Our previous chiropractor was earning $90,000 per year seeing less than 200 visits per week

  • Incentives for a long term relationship

  • Great pay with fair bonus structure
  • Low cost of living for Southern California
  • Great location and only 2.5 hours from the ocean
  • Malpractice coverage
  • Vacation time
  • All you have to focus on is taking care of patients. Imagine having an assistant help you with notes, reviewing exercises and helping you deliver the best possible treatment for your patients?

    Imagine what kind of results you would have if you were able to use lasers, PEMF, shockwaves, spinal decompression at your disposal in addition to chiropractic care. There is a pain management doctor that shares space in our office to refer to for difficult cases who offers natural treatments such as PRP or other regenerative therapies.

    With better pay than the majority of California clinics and a lower cost of living compared to other cities in California, this is a great place to settle down to stay or raise a family.

    No spinal screenings you say!

    That’s correct, we live and work in a vacation town and focused on servicing our local retirement community which means you start later and leave earlier at our office. No long drawn out lunches compared to most offices who offer hours for early and late patients!

    So, what are we looking for?

    We’re looking for a doctor who is:

    Clinically competent

    Committed to delivering the best results for our patients

    Able to relocate to Palm Springs by August, 2021

    Who wants more than another job

    Hashimoto Chiropractic 47020 Washington La Quinta, CA 92253

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